This materials are applying for Official Uniform wear, Military Uniform Wear, Outdoor sports and Workwear.There are hi-technical fabrics with breathable, water proof, water repllency, anti-bacterial function and etc. Weltrans develops and supplies comforatable and eco-friendly materials.

We keep concentrating on developing technology for production of high functionality products that meets customer's needs based on our experiences and technologies accumulated through the years of supply of military official uniforms and equipments.

It is reinterpreted as a state-of-the-art functional uniform materials through differentiation from current uniform wear in stretch ability, anti bacterial, antifouling and etc. You can be comfortable under any working environment with Weltrans Uniform Materials.

Weltrans are continuously making an effort to develop the materials for protection wear such as flame resistant products that protects human body from fire, antistatic protection products, moisture proof products using non-porous type membrane and hydrophilic polyurethane.