Feel The Best,
Differentiation, Innovation and Satisfaction

Weltrans playing a role of frontier and leader in the world market through continuous development of technologies and renovation of hi-quality textile products as a company in the textile manufacturing and exporting specialized company .

We developing differentiated products where unique function are applied and led the trend in the fabric and apparel business. They including synthetic products focusing on polyester, nylon materials and cotton blending natural materials and eco-friendly products.

As a professional maker for high-function uniforms and non-clothing materials of high value, our proven quality and technology were recognized in the market. We believe that international trade opens doors for communities, and benefits our global economy.

We understand the dangers of climate change, We are committed to do what We can to reduce its impact. And We fully cooperate with environmental oversight organizations at each of our facilities and actively investing in new green technologies.

We are proud that our operations and operating philosophy today remains true to our roots as a family-run, locally minded company. We look forward to strengthening our relationships, forging new ones, and maintaining our high standards in the years to come.